The children have free acccess to books in the school library. The children have been given library/diary-cum-identity card in which they write their impressions about the books they have read. This is regularly checked by the concerned teacher and Principal.




The laboratories are fitted with the latest equipments which are upgraded from time to time. The science Labs has enchances learning of Science the easier way.The school has separate labs of Physics,Chemistry,Biology.& Maths


Geography Lab


Geography lab is facilitated with latest equipments which is upgraded from time to time. The students can work and learn there about geographical ways to make things. Students learn to prepare various models and charts as per syllabus.




The school has spacious, well ventilated and well furnished classrooms to accommodate the students and create a cheerful atmosphere for them.


Computer Lab


Computer lab is equipped with good number of latest computers with internet access. Students from class Ist onward enjoy learning basics of computer and get ample opportunity to use computers independently.




The school has spacious and well maintained playgrounds and necessary kit for the following games and sports:

  • Footbal
  • Hockey
  • Cricket
  • Kho-Kho
  • Valley-Ball
  • Throw Ball
  • Atheletics
  • Basket Ball
  • Lawn Tennis
  • Hand Ball
  • Skating
  • Swimming
  • Table Tennis
  • Chess
  • Carrom
  • Badminton

Reading Room


Good reading habits exhibit a learned personality outwardly. Reading is encouraged amongst students to broaden their mentality and knowledge of various concepts through books & journals.


Swimming Pool


School has a 50m long swimming pool with proper drainage facilities for routine swimming schedule of students. The pool produces distt. and state level swimmers every year. Boys and girls have different swimming schedule under the great guidance of life guards and coaches




The School has its own fleet of buses for providing transportation facility to the student. The school takes utmost every care to make the buses comfortable, safe and secure. Every vehicle has one experienced driver and one attendant.



BCS provides separate accommodation for boys and girls students. Healthy and hygienic food is provided to the students along with the facilities for a comfortable stay to ensure a conducive environment for studies and development. Hostel is not like second home. It is actually first home for students.



The school canteen facilities for the students wherein the students found different stratas of life sit together and enjoy the sumptous meals.


We begin the day with the blessing of the All Mighty. Students performs shabad and prayers. Morning assembly comprises of daily news reading, thougth of the day, speech , quiz, amazing facts, pledge and PT show to keep students fit both mentally and physically.

Day Boarding Facility

Under the traditional education system, even educated parents, find it difficult to properly educate their children. Day by day the school bag is becoming heaviour and more difficult for a small child to carry. Moreover, the teachers under the traditional school systems are barely able to complete the syllabus, therefore there is no scope for revision, resulting in poor reports.

The Day Boarding School System is a blessing for working as well as uneducated parents because all learning and homework under the supervision of efficient teachers, hence it causes no burden on parents. Moreover this system is more fruitfull and productive. In this system a child spends a major part of his day in the school. He moves in a educationa environment with his classmates and thus is safe from bad company. The Child does not have to carry burden of heavy bag. The child has sufficient for co-curricular activities. The child gets all the facilities and yet he is always with parents which make his emotional bond stronger.

Art And Craft


To explore the artistic hidden talent among students, art and craft teachers encourage making of waste material products, painting, sketching and shading as main attractions. An annual exhibition of Art & craft work of students is organized to encourage creativity.


Multimedia Parlour


At BCS, we believe always be in touch with changes times of education. The multimedia parlour with its Hi-Tech data Vission Projection system is an inherent tool of imparting knowledge. What is read in books comes alive on a gaint screen with a Dolby Sorround Sound System through curriculum based CD-ROM.


Dance Room


India is a land of dance and festivals. To refresh students from the heavy load of study, school has separate dance and music rooms for junior and senior students comprising of various dance and musical instruments, where students came learn variour dance performances to add colours in their routine.


Toy Room


To add to the students' overall growth and development, the concept of toy room was initiated and adopted where in ample number of toys are provided. Jigsaw puzzles, blocks, imbibe, critical and analytical abilities


Eco Clube


Student organise themselves to learn and do more to make the mother earth Beautiful and also take action to improve their immdeties environment .They take various environment friendly avtivites like tree plantation nurturing and tagging plants awareness rallies and thus add up their contribution to green and preen their surroundings.


Medical & Health Service


A qualified nurse / doctor is employed by the school to ensure the physical fitness of student.A complete record of medical inspection of student by school.Medical officer is maintained.Vaccination and in oculation are arranged when required


The Pedagogy System


The School Prides itself on its rich and innovation Curricumlum Based on CCE on Experienced and highly qualified faculty has been chosen,not only to teach but also to show Commitment to children's Welfare and sympathethic understanding of their needs

PTM(Parent Teacher Meeting)

PTM is held once in a month when parents can talk to subject teacher, class teacher and Principal. Twice in a year school report will be sent home